by Tom Linehan [Email address: tlinehan #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

bike-plan-mapI have put together a google map showing current and proposed bike lanes around Lamar Middle School ( The existing bike lanes are the dark green lines. These are shown as a part of google maps. You can toggle this feature on and off under the “more” tab at the top of the map (pretty nice!). According to the City of Austin’s 2009 Bike Plan Update, a bike lane is “an area within the roadway specifically designated for the use of bicycles.” Note, the Google map shows a bike lane on Shoal Creek however it is one that allows cars to park in it. The stretch of Shoal Creek from 40th St. to Foster Ln with regard to the bike lane is “as directed by the City Council.”

The dotted green lines on the Google map are streets recommended for cyclists, but without a bike lane. The blue lines are what I added pulling from the recommended bike lanes in the City of Austin’s 2009 Bike Plan Update. There is no guarantee these roads will one day have bike lanes, however they are what is recommended in the plan. The likelihood of them becoming a reality starts with being in the plan. Bike lanes on Burnet Rd? It’s in the plan. For Allandale, the one road that residents may be particularly interested in upgrading to a bike lane is White Rock. It’s one that goes by Lamar Middle School.