Tom Linehan

On July 25, I posted an article on vacation rentals that I wrote, "Vacationing in Allandale!," that talks about vacation rental homes in Allandale and their owners. The article will also be appearing in the upcoming August issue of Allandale Neighbor

The Austin American-Statesman published an article on the same topic on Tuesday, August 3, 2010, "Popularity Soaring for short-term rentals," by Juan Castillo. Mr. Castillo interviewed people in our neighborhood involved with these short-term rentals for the article. I encourage you to read both articles along with the reader comments. These short-term rental properties are raising concerns about property rights. They are homes zoned single family residential, yet are being used for commercial purposes. As Mr. Castillo points out in his article, "On July 27, noting the lack of city oversight and a rising number of complaints from people who live alongside short-term rental homes, the city Planning Commission voted to begin exploring how the city might regulate the homes." Your thoughts about vacation rentals in Allandale are welcomed. Feel free to comment.