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Constable’s Notebook – August 2010

By Constable Bruce Elfant

In 1990 when President Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with former senators Bob Dole and Ted Kennedy at his side, he said  “Every man, woman, and child with a disability can now pass through once-closed doors into a bright new era of equality, independence, and freedom.”  To be sure, much progress has been made over the last 20 years to ensure that all citizens are able to access public places. 

Celebration of Church Anniversary and Rededication of Pipe Organ

Anne Kuempel

Please join us on Sunday, September 12, 2010 at Faith Lutheran Church located at 6600 Woodrow Avenue in Austin, Texas 78757 for a glorious day of celebration. Starting at the 9 am special worship service, Bishop Tieman will deliver the sermon and we will recognize Faith Lutheran’s 60th anniversary and rededicate the pipe organ.  A reception will follow the service, as well as our Sunday School Rally Day for all ages, which includes a kick off of youth activities for the new school year.

More on Vacation Rentals

Tom LinehanOn July 25, I posted an article on vacation rentals that I wrote, "Vacationing in Allandale!," that talks about vacation rental homes in Allandale and their owners. The article will also be appearing in the upcoming August issue of Allandale...