June newsletter cover smallI just received my June edition of the Allandale Neighbor on my doorstep. I hope you did as well. In this issue we welcome writer Walter Brewer. He contributed two articles, one on a group of walkers, some or all of whom you may recognize – especially if you're out and about in the neighborhood early in the morning. He also wrote an article on a new home under construction on Greenlawn Parkway. We don't have many new homes going up in Allandale. I think you will find this one somewhat unique. Welcome Walter. 

In this issue we also cover the dedication of the much improved detention pond, the very successful 2010 Garage Sale, the first Austin Bike Poster Show, Minutes from the April EC meeting, and a most interesting possibility for Koenig Ln. Once again, your newsletter staff brings you a great read! Thanks to all contributers and to our every reliable Cathy Savage who takes care of the layout and Jen Welch who takes care of readability. We're your neighbors!

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Tom Linehan [Email address: allandalereporter #AT# yahoo.com - replace #AT# with @ ]
Editor, Allandale Neighbor