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A Tesla Birthday Celebration – July 10

Tesla Who is Tesla you ask? Why one of the most important and least known inventors of the late 19nth and early 20 centuries. To celebrate, a fellow artist and I are putting on a fun family event on July 10 in celebration of Nikola Tesla's birthday (He's the mostly unknown inventor that was a competitor of Thomas Edison, yet his inventions are things that modernized the world–alternating current, wireless technology, and the induction motor. He holds over 700 patents…). 

The event is on July 10 from 2-11 PM. Bits, Bytes & Bots, a child-enrichment program that specializes in technology-oriented activities, will be there with robots and computer games and videos. We'll have other really cool stuff too, including music, Tesla-inspired artwork, a documentary, Tesla coils, and a Tesla Roadster

Trees Going in at Wal-Mart

What you have here are pictures of a tree being lowered into its hole, the front of Wal-Mart with 3 trees to the left that are in their holes but not planted and the one to the right which is planted, and then the tree that has just arrived and is still...

Neighborhood Watch Training

Just want to make sure everyone knows about the Neighborhood Watch training this Sunday 6/13 at 6307 Wilbur Dr.1:30 – block captain training2:30 – patrol trainingIf you want more information or want to RSVP please contact me at lhdicarlo [Email address:...

Wal-Mart Rising

There was a small article in the business section of the Austin American-Statesman this past week on construction of the Wal-Mart at Northcross along with a photo of the building under construction. Click here to read "Northcross Walmart taking shape."