martha-bikegullett bikesMay is bike month and last week included a number of bike-related activities. Wednesday was Bike to School day. Friday was Bike to Work day. Judging from all of the bikes I saw up and down Shoal Creek on both mornings, the response was good. Bike to School day at Gullett was particularly successful. They filled a couple of racks with bicycles. Here are a couple of photos from last week. I caught Martha Stockton and her son Graham riding this two-person human powered machine heading up Bullard on their way to Gullett Wednesday morning. I’ve also included a photo of the Gullett bike rack around 7:45 that morning. The third picture is from Friday’s Bike to Work day. It’s the rest stop on Shoal Creek at the entrance to the Far West pedestrian bridge. There were 24 such stations around the city that day.

bike to work