P5070013The 2010 Allandale Garage Sale day is over and what was once someone's has been is now someone's valued item. Every year the number of garage sales increases. According to the map posted on the web site, there were 63 this year. I heard there were actually 70! I couldn't make it to all of them. I got out late, after 11:00 a.m., to see if there was anything good left. I came away empty handed but that doesn't mean I wasn't tempted. My choice for this year's most interesting item is the Elvis phone (see photo). I didn't actually see it in action but I think the Elvis figure goes into a hip-swinging motion when the phone rings. Probably gets old after about the 5th call but certainly something to impress your friends. Don't know if it sold. There were so many garage sales. The signs said 35 garage sales but those were last year's signs. I think some people decided the morning of to carry things out to the driveway to see if they might get any bites. 

Here's a message from Donna Beth that she posted to the listserve about this year's garage sale:

"I visited several garage sales and Linnea visited several. Hope everyone sold a lot of stuff! I even bought – but not for me but chairs, file cabinets for the Travis County Coordinated Campaign – it's the political season, you know. We used the signs we had from last year and they were not exactly correct, but served a purpose.

We will probably do it again next year. This is the 3rd year and it gets larger every year. It really gets a lot of people to our neighborhood. There were ads in Thurs., Fri., Sat. paper and the Statesman was having a problem with their online for two of those days – I'll see if we get a refund!

And for those of you out there – this is just one more things the neighborhood association does as a service for you. So, of course, you want to participate in the neighborhood association.  We need you! Some of us are term limited on the Board and we need new people to step up and help out. We will not be going away, but will be helping in some other capacity, not as an elected Board Member.

Donna Beth
ANA President"