ANA Executive Committee Meeting
6:30 pm, April 22, 2010
Covenant Hall, second floor
Covenant Presbyterian Church

Call to Order
Agenda Approval
Minutes from February 25  -  see draft attached
Treasurer Report
President’s Report
Picnic Wrap-up
Committee Reports:
   Safety  – Laura DiCarlo   
   Membership – Dan Diener
   Parks and Greenspace – Linnea Lemon
   Great Northern Pond update
   Zoning  – Paulette Kern
   ANC – Cynthia Keohane
   Newsletter – Tom Linehan
   Lamar Safe Routes to School – Mary Jean Matus

Twin Oaks Biergarten – John Bucy

New Committees to be appointed: 
    Nominating –
    4th of July Parade  –
New Business  -  Allandale Resident Comment
             -  Daugherty Group
Old Business 


Allandale Neighborhood Association
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
February 25, 2010

The regular monthly Executive Committee (EC) meeting of the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA) was held on Thursday, February 25, 2010, at 6:30 pm at Covenant Hall, 2nd Floor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, the Vice-President being in the chair (President absent) and the Secretary present.
Present:  Peggy Maceo, Vice-President; Diane Swinney, Treasurer; Mary Jean Matus, Secretary; Paulette Kern; Dan Diener; George Roman; Laura DiCarlo, Cynthia Keohane, Mat Thompson
Absent:  Donna Beth McCormick, President; Jason Kloc

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm.

I.  Agenda
Mary Jean moved that the agenda be approved; seconded by Paulette.  The motion passed unanimously.

II.  Meeting minutes
George moved that the EC meeting minutes from January 25, 2010 be approved with corrections; seconded by Dan.  The motion passed unanimously.

III.Treasurer’s Report (Diane Swinney)
$14113.45 deposit accounts
$5573.11 nonprofit business
$6535.33 business savings
$2005.11 CD 12-17 months

    Mary Jean moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted; seconded by George.  The motion passed unanimously.

    Paulette moved that the ANA pay $1000.00 to Blazier, Christensen, Bigelow & Virr and include a letter of intent to pay the balance in full as funds become available; seconded by Laura.  The motion passed unanimously.  Diane, as Treasurer, agreed to write the letter.

    George moved that the ANA budget submitted by Joe Reynolds in September 2009 (General Membership meeting) be approved; seconded by Paulette.  The motion passed unanimously.

IV.  Committee Reports

Safety (Laura DiCarlo) 
Street Patrols – Laura has collected $525 from individuals to purchase magnetic signs – an overage of approximately $40 which she would like to invest in more signs; total of 90 Block Captains (including alternates) have been recruited.  Approximately 50 neighbors have signed up for street patrols, of which approximately 20 have already begun patrols.

Membership (Dan Diener)
Joe and Dan will be meeting to work on the membership (past and present) database and will develop plans to use email as a means to communicate more regularly with ANA members eg, announcements of upcoming events, call for volunteers, and reminders when membership payments are due (with instructions for using PayPal).  In the meantime, Diane will be assembling an Excel spreadsheet of current members in preparation for the upcoming meeting of the General Membership (March 2010).  Laura will work on creating “Welcome” baskets containing ANA information, specifically information relating to safety activities and ask that Block Captains deliver to new residents.  Mat to look into setting up a Facebook page for the ANA. 

Parks and Greenspace (Linnea Lemon absent)
Neighborhood-wide Garage Sale scheduled for May 8
PARDs Annual My Park Day on March 6; clean up at NW Park.
Kay Newell pursuing No Parking signs to set boundaries for parking area on the west side of Great Northern Blvd across from the pond/green space.
Peggy received bid of approximately $720 for outdoor sign at Great Northern pond about Shoal Creek Plesiosaurus fossils; Diane will follow-up with another vendor for second bid.

Zoning (Paulette Kern)
City of Austin Zoning and Platting (ZAP) ruled to disapprove the request for variance to resubdivide 1 lot into 3 on Pembrook Trail.  However, the issue is expected to be included in the agenda for the next ZAP meeting – exact reasons/intent unknown.
The court case (McMurtry vs City of Austin) regarding resubdivisions in the Shoalmont area (in conflict with deed restrictions) is ongoing.  Next court date March 17.
Paulette announced that this was to be her last meeting as an EC member after having served 3 years (term limit).  Paulette is willing to provide training and share her expertise with any new volunteers with an interest in zoning issues affecting the neighborhood.  The EC expressed their sincere appreciation for her dedication and efforts over the past several years.  Thank you Paulette! 
Joe Reynolds suggested an informational meeting and/or article in the newsletter to educate residents on issues related to zoning eg, variances, public notice and response.  Joe volunteered to assist with both.

ANC (Cynthia Keohane)

Newsletter (Tom Linehan)
Tom requested volunteers to help with editing and advertising sales for the newsletter (Allandale Neighbor).  Both Tom and Cathy Savage have served the ANA in this capacity for the last several years.  Cathy intends to continue with layout; Tom also intends to continue to be involved but to a lesser extent.  Tom to post notice for volunteers on the ANA website (

V.  Other reports

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Task Force at Lamar MS (Mary Jean Matus)
Family Fitness Fun Night March 3 at Lamar.  A poster presentation for SRTS will be presented.

Events (Joe Reynolds)
ANA Spring Picnic scheduled for April 11; reservation has been made at NW Park.  Joe presented budget for the picnic for EC consideration.  Plans for booths, vendors, music, and solicitation of sponsors were discussed.

Cynthia moved to accept the budget for the spring picnic; seconded by Mat.  The motion passed unanimously.

Joe noted that this year marks the ANA’s 50th Annual 4th of July parade.
No specific assignments to working committees for either the picnic or 4th of July events were made.

VI.  New Business (None)

VII.  Old Business (None)

VIII.  Announcements (None)

Mary Jean moved that the meeting be adjourned; seconded by Cynthia.  The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:01 pm. 

Resolution by Allandale Neighborhood Association
January 28, 2010

The Allandale Neighborhood Association Executive Committee strongly opposes the re‑subdivision of 2615 Pembrook Trail because we understand that:

Variances were approved before and after public hearing without citizen or commission knowledge.
The variances were initiated by city staff, and the requirements of code were not followed in their execution.  The variances include the requirement to conduct an Environmental Assessment.
Significant environmental features will be impacted as a result of the variances.
The City has refused neighbor’s right of valid petition.

The above resolution was presented and passed by unanimous vote at the Allandale Neighborhood Association Executive Committee meeting, Thursday, January 28, 2010.

Donna Beth McCormick