The capture of suspected burglars that crashed in the front yard of a house at the corner of Grover and Ruth Ave in nearby Crestview was helped by the a report of a suspicious vehicle on Daugherty in Allandale 15 minutes prior to the incident. It turns out the call to the police was from one of Allandale’s block captains. According to the Fox 7 report, Suspected Burglars Crash Car into Yard. “The officers discovered the license plate matched the description of a suspicious vehicle that came in about 15 minutes prior to us responding to this one,” Sgt. Dominguez said. The maroon Blazer was reportedly in a driveway where it did not belong. It was just one of a handful of home burglary calls APD received Friday morning, including on Daugherty Street and Nasco Drive.”

Even though Daugherty Street is not this particular block captain’s street, she is accustomed to noticing suspicious activity.

In an email to the Allandale Block Captains, she said, “I happened upon then as they were backing up rapidly (headed south) on the southbound side of Daugherty.  I looked straight at them to see what was going on (as they did a 3 point turn to get the truck pointed in the right direction)  They had been in front of a semi-run-down house with a yard side gate wide open…  It all felt a bit too suspicious, so I called the license plate in.”

The Daugherty Street block captain became involved after the incident by locating the homeowners to identify their stolen goods.

The capture of these burglars should reduce the number of burglaries in the area. There have been 5 burglaries in Allandale this month according to the Austin Police Department’s Crime Viewer. Thanks to Allandale Neighborhood Association and to the leadership of Allandale’s Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Laura DiCarlo, for getting Allandale’s block captain network and neighborhood patrol underway. And thanks the block captain that called in the suspicious vehicle and to the many residents who have signed up to be a block captain. It is making a difference.