Church Considering Community Garden

Interest has been shown by some members of Saint John’s UMC, 2140 Allandale, in having a community garden behind the Youth House and Annex (two northern-most houses on 5900 Wynona block, 5906 and 5908) if a suitable partner or organizer can be found.  What is desired is someone to take ownership for planning, tilling, fertilizing, planting, and harvesting.  The church will furnish land, water and some volunteers.  The church or Food Banks would receive at least the first fruits (10 percent) of output and the remainder could be sold, bartered, distributed by the organizer, perhaps even as a source of personal revenue?  Lots of details to work out, but it first starts with this step:  Do you want to be this person or do you know someone in the community who loves growing things?  Contact Mike Renquist at 512-663-9868 or mgrenquist [Email address: mgrenquist #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]right away.  Spring is almost here