Neighborhood Watch is a comprehensive group of activities that includes block captains, patrols, and each and every one of us taking ownership of Allandale by keeping an eye out for our neighbors, keeping our properties well kept and properly lit, keeping valuables out of sight, etc. We are all important in the effort, even if you are not officially signed up for anything. If you have the cell phone number of your most immediate neighbors you can let them know if something is amiss when they are not home. If you take note of your surroundings when you are out walking your dog you may notice something out of the ordinary. If you are retired or work from home and can see out to the street throughout the day you are doing a service to your community.

This Sunday 3/7 from 3-3:30pm I'll be doing a block captain training for those people who are willing to create a contact list for their block, host a neighborhood watch meeting, keep their block informed about crime in the area, and watch out for suspicious activities in 10 houses closest to their house.

From 4-4:30 I'll do a patrol training for those people who are willing to take an hour every week or 2 to drive around 1/3 of Allandale with magnetic neighborhood patrol signs on your car looking for suspicious situations and making the patrol presence known.

The trainings will take place at my house. E-mail me if you plan on attending or if you are interested but cannot make it on that day.

Laura DiCarlo
Allandale Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
lhdicarlo [Email address: lhdicarlo #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]