Austin Northcross TX Rendering 4554

Here is a summary of the presentation given by Walmart representatives (Trey Salinas and Joe Grasso) to the ANA Executive Committee at last Thursday's meeting along with the rendering of the planned store. This summary is from the draft minutes of the meeting:

Latest site plan renderings were presented, and will be posted on the ANA website when available.  The Walmart is still a Supercenter in that it will sell both merchandise and groceries (about 37%); however, the total size is now approximately 98,000 square feet and there will be no garden center or parking garage.  The store will be closed between 1-5 am except on specified “holidays”; Walmart reserves the right to change their hours of operation to 24-hours in the event that a competitor (within 2 mile radius) does so.  Initial construction is underway with planned opening end of October 2010.  A total of 16 transplant trees (14- to 16-inch trees) have been purchased for the site (this is in addition to smaller tree plantings) (numerous existing mature trees were removed at the site).  Truck traffic is expected to be approximately five 18-wheeler Walmart trucks per day in addition to other smaller supply trucks.  Truck routes are from IH 35 to US Hwy 183 to Burnet Road to shopping center entrance south of Anderson Lane; exit will be by way of St. Louis Blvd to Anderson Lane to MoPac.  Various questions were asked and answered.