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February's Sustainable Neighborhoods "meeting" will coincide in place and time with the City of Austin's "Austin Mobility Forum: Setting Transportation Priorities." Details below. 

We need everybody to show up who cares about supporting our area streets in the coming years with walkable, bikeable and ADA-compliant infrastructure, starting with sidewalks and transit plazas at the rapid bus (MetroRapid) stations planned along Burnet and Lamar.

For streets like Burnet that don't have the Right of Way to add light rail, improved comfort of transit stations is a viable alternative approach to convince nearby residents to use transit instead of driving. Transit plazas allow people to wait for transit farther away from the noise and fumes of the street. If shops are arranged around the plaza to shelter it from sun, wind and weather, and if the count-down clock for the next bus is visible from the plaza, people can shop, talk, safely play with their kids, or enjoy a water fountain with considerably less stress while waiting. 

Such plazas should be the focal point of each district that the City has rezoned for mixed use. Something like a transit plaza is already in place at Crestview Station. Other places in our part of town that might be appropriate assuming redevelopment include Burnet at North Loop, Burnet at Anderson, Lamar at Koenig, and at Highland Mall. 

Austin Mobility Forum: Setting Transportation Priorities: 

Main meeting:
Reagan High School
Monday, Feb. 8 from 6-8 p.m.
7104 Berkman Dr. 
Austin, TX 78752
(512) 414-2523

If you can't attend on 2/8, or if Murchison is more convenient (this meeting has the same input process as the one on 2/8):

Murchison Middle School
Wednesday, Feb. 10 from 6-8 p.m.
3700 North Hills Dr. 
Austin, TX 78731 
(512) 414-3254