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The City will pick up non-recyclable trash in its regular weekly service only if it is in a City garbage cart, a bag for additional trash with a paid sticker ($4 plus tax), or a bag without a sticker ($8 plus tax).  A blue cart for allowed recyclable items can not be used for other trash.  Some items are prohibited from garbage carts and bags — for example, construction materials, TVs, computers, chemicals (including automotive fluids and paint), oil filters, tires, non-alkaline batteries, and fluorescent light bulbs.  See  (This site also provides information on pickup of yard trimmings and lots of information about recycling options.)

The City picks up bulky trash items for no extra fee only at infrequent intervals.  A flyer provides notice a few weeks in advance.  The schedule for a particular address can be requested at  At other times, one can haul certain items to the the City’s Recycling Diversion Center, or for a $120 fee, have the City pick up two items.  See

Upon request, several organizations will usually pick up usable household items that due to size or quantity can not be easily taken to a donation drop-off point.  The organizations include Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and ARC (an organization aiding persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities).

Several fairly convenient options exist for recycling electronic equipment.  See the guide at

Usable building materials and fixtures can be taken to the Habit for Humanity ReStore.  See

Household chemicals (including automotive fluids and paint), oil filters, non-alkaline batteries, and fluorescent light bulbs can be taken to the City’s Hazardous Waste Facility.  See  If the hours are too limited, make an appointment by calling 974-4345.  At times, the City runs a collection day at a more convenient location.  Many car repair and parts stores accept oil, oil filters, and car batteries, although there may be a fee for filters and batteries.  Batteries Plus (on Burnet Rd. just north of Anderson Ln.) and Radio Shack recycle most types of batteries.

If other options don’t work, call a commercial trash hauler.  In AT&T Yellow Pages, see “Trash Hauling.”  One company handling household needs is 1-800-Got-Junk.  See