Neighborhood patrol photoThe Allandale Neighborhood Patrol is officially underway. We are one week into the program. You will see neighbors with a magnetic neighborhood patrol sign on the side of their vehicle driving the neighborhood. Laura DiCarlo kicked off the program last Tuesday at the Northwest Rec Center to approximately 15 volunteers. Volunteers are asked to give one hour a week to drive around looking out for suspicious behavior. The number of burglary of residence incidents has increased noticeably in the past year. There have been six burglaries reported in February alone.

Allandale has modeled its neighborhood patrol program after one set up by Barton Hills. The neighborhood is divided into three geographic areas (north, central, south) and a google calendar has been set up for people to sign up time, day of week, and area of patrol. Volunteers simply pick up the magnetic signs for their car and patrol materials (clip board with map and report forms) at HEB prior to going on patrol.

Making Allandale safer. One hour a week is all it takes. If you are interested in participating, contact Laura DiCarlo who will get you going. (440)623-5930 (c) 323-6929 (h), lhdicarlo [Email address: lhdicarlo #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ].