neigh-watchThe Allandale Neighborhood Patrol is a volunteer program designed to curb crime in Allandale. Volunteers sign up for one or two hours a week to drive around the neighborhood looking out for suspicious activity. A google calendar has been set up for volunteers to sign up time, day of week, and area of patrol (north, central or south). Volunteers simply pick up the magnetic neighborhood patrol signs for their car and patrol materials (clip board with map and report forms) at HEB prior to going on patrol.

Making Allandale safer. One hour a week is all it takes. If you are interested in participating, contact Laura DiCarlo who will get you going. (440)623-5930 (c) 323-6929 (h), lhdicarlo [Email address: lhdicarlo #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]" target="_blank">lhdicarlo [Email address: lhdicarlo #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ].