Here is photo of the plesiosaur tile placed in the new Great Northern detention pond spillway. It is a reminder of the larger plesiosaur fossil that was found in Shoal Creek in 1990 on the west side of Shoal Creek just north of Greenlawn by resident and amateur paleontologist, Robert McDonald. He discovered it while fossil hunting along Shoal Creek with his 5-year old son.

According to the newspaper write-up of the find, the plesiosaur was from a group of reptiles that had adapted to life in the shallow seaways that covered much of Texas 90 million years ago. The reptiles were mostly carnivorous and fed primarily on fish. They weighed about a ton and measured from 14 to 18 feet in length. The actual fossil was excavated by faculty and students from ACC and the University of Texas and is now on display in the Texas Memorial Museum. Click on the image below of the Austin American-Statesman article to get the details of the discovery.