The following was forwarded along by Jane Herring, Safe Routes to School Coordinator. Please contact Jane if you are interested in participating in the Safe Routes To School Task Group at Lamar - jhherrin [Email address: jhherrin #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

The Dispatch, A Newsletter of the, Austin ISD Police Department
Keeping Austin Schools Safe Spring 2009

Follow these tips for Traffic safety on campus tips. To effectively and safely control traffic on our campuses during peak traffic times and to maintain emergency access to our campuses we present the following traffic safety tips:

• Pick-up your child from the curbside only; never wave your child over through traffic. Crossing between cars is extremely dangerous and teachers will not allow your child to be picked up that way.

• If your child is eligible to use the school bus, please take advantage of the free service – every bus carries the same number of children as forty (40) private automobiles.

• If you can form carpools with family or friends, please do so. Not only will you find a friend, you'll be reducing the number of cars coming to campus and reducing congestion and frustration.

• Be patient and courteous to staff trying to assist children with loading and unloading. Set a good example for your child to follow.

• Make sure your child knows how to load and unload from your car efficiently.

• Do not park in the pick-up circle – parking your car, even for a moment, slows everybody down. Parked cars can also hinder emergency vehicle response to a campus.

• If you need to meet with a teacher or run inside, please use the on-street or designated parking spaces. Do not park in fire lanes, and remember to use the crosswalks for safety.

• Respect children and pedestrians crossing the internal drives and surrounding streets – safety is our primary concern.

• Teach your child to use good manners and safe walking skills when crossing the drives and street, respect the crossing guards, and obey the rules.

We hope that these tips and with your assistance that students will continue to be safe as they arrive to and depart from our campuses.