overlook-done Here is an update on the Great Northern Detention Pond Project dated December 28th from Darryl Haba, the project supervisor with the City of Austin. The photos were taken more recently. The top photo is the sitting area overlooking the detention pond. The photo below it is the textured spillway. The bottom photo is the walkway heading up to the Far West pedestrian bridge with the newly planted trees on either side:

“We had the Punch List Walk last week to verify that all items have been constructed and to see if anything was in need of any repairs. We did not note any deficiencies and the contractor will finalize all site cleaning including the final tree trimming and ensure the area is sodded and seeded where needed.

spillway Over the past week and this week, the black covering will come off (we kept it covered to prevent any damage until we were complete) and the final touches completed such as installing the plesiosaur replica and removing the orange fencing.

The trees are a variation of oaks and willows with some ornamentals mixed in.  Around the 1st of the year all items should be completed including having it fully accessible to the public again.

We would like to encourage folks not to park along the property off Great Northern as we have shaped this area to drain better, installed  a new cable/bollard fence and placed fresh sod.  The area was rutted pretty bad before we started and we would like to allow the sod to get established.”