Allandale Neighborhood Association
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
December 17, 2009 

The regular monthly Executive Committee (EC) meeting of the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA) was held on Thursday, December 17, 2009, at 6:30 pm at Covenant Hall, 2nd Floor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, the President being in the chair and as the Secretary was absent, the President took the minutes. 

Present:  Donna Beth McCormick, President; Peggy Maceo, Vice-President;  Diane Swinney, Treasurer; Paulette Kern, Dan Diener, Mat Thompson, George Roman, Laura DiCarlo, Cynthia Keohane
Absent:  Mary Jean Matus, Jason Kloc

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm.

I.  Agenda
Paulette Kern moved that the agenda be approved; seconded by Diane Swinney; motion passed unanimously.

II.  Meeting minutes
Laura DiCarlo moved that the Executive Committee meeting minutes from November 17, 2009 be approved; seconded by George Roman; the motion passed unanimously.

III.Treasurer’s Report (Dianne Swinney)  Accepted:  Motion by George Roman, seconded by Dan Diener, carried.

$1,5220.80 deposit accounts
$6,686.01 nonprofit business 
$6,534.79 business savings
$2,000.00 CD 12-17 months

IV. President's Report (Donna Beth McCormick)
Donna Beth reported on recent activities:  additional meeting with Lamar Middle School; the letter re the fine arts magnet school signed tonight by the ANA Board; an update of the Great Northern retention pond; bad weather canceled the concert in the park and it will be rescheduled; 100 post cards were sent to neighbors along Bull Creek, White Horse, and Nasco regarding the storm drain project; and questions that were submitted by the neighbors were forwarded to the City Watershed Dept. 

V.  Committee Reports
Safety (Laura DiCarlo)
There will be a city-wide citizen safety forum January 23, 2-4 pm, North Village Library, presented by Krimelabb.

Membership (Dan Diener)
The membership flyer for has been approved with the final in the upcoming newsletter.  Allandale now has a new banner and ANA members have permanent nametages.  Other membership items are in progress. The banner and nametags were $150.

Parks and Greenspace (Linnea absent) 
In the absence of Linnea Lemon, Donna Beth reported on the retention pond and its near completion. There will be a ribbon cutting.

Zoning (Paulette Kern)
Work continues on several cases; no specific updates to report.  The resubs are ongoing.

ANC (Cynthia Keohane)
Historic designation for the City is a hot topic because of the tax exemptions.  One of the comprehensive plan suggestions is to have a ‘meeting in a box’ consisting of 5-8 people.  She will take some of the ANC suggestions to her North Central Sector meetings.

Peggy Maceo, reported that the Heritage Tree Ordinance will be presented to City Council for vote on February 5. She will have further information at the next meeting and on the website.

VI. Presentation by City of Austin Watershed Dept. on the Allandale Storm Drain Project
Glen Taffinder, Stephanie Lott, Jay Scanlon, Tina Stanard  (Glen.Taffinder [Email address: Glen.Taffinder #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ])  974-3381

This will impact the neighborhood for a year, beginning at Bull Creek and Shoal Creek, continuing to White Horse, down a portion of White Horse and a portion of Nasco.  The purpose is to alleviate the flooding stemming from the many little creeks we have in the neighborhood.  Construction is the begin in August 2010 and completed by the fall of 2011.  Many questions had been submitted to the City and many questions were asked and answered.  A set of plans was available and presented.  Contact Glen Taffinder for your set of detailed plans.  There were questions about permits that had been granted on city construction projects in the area.  Jose Guerro is the responsible person and will be contacted and possibly invited to the next meeting for some clarification.

VII. New Business
An information item:  Bob Brinkley, husband of long-time ANA activist Phyllis Brinkley, died on December 15.

VIII. Old Business 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.  Motion was made by George, seconded by Mat. Carried