Shoal Creek Drainage Projectallandalereporter [Email address: allandalereporter #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]" target="_blank">Tom Linehan

The City of Austin will be attending Allandale's December EC meeting to provide an update on the Allandale Storm Drain Improvements project scheduled to get underway in 2011. 

According to the City's Fact Sheet on the project, the City has received over 40 requests to address this flooding problem from area residents. The problem area is bounded by White Horse Trail to the north, Burnet Rd on the east, Shoal Creek Blvd on the west, and Allandale Rd to the south. 

The solution to the flooding the City came up with is to run storm drain pipe beneath portions of Nasco Drive, Bull Creek Road and White Horse Trail and install new storm drain inlets. Specifically, the City will run 5,600 linear feet (a little over a mile) of pipe under Bull Creek Rd  from White Horse down to where Bull Creek Rd runs into Shoal Creek. Previously, the City considered building a storm water detention pond where the Burnet Rd storage facility is in conjunction with installing underground pipes in the neighborhood. This option was abandoned because purchasing the land for the detention pond is cost prohibitive.

The City also considered installing a box culvert under White Rock Drive and presented this plan to the Allandale Neighborhood Association. It was also abandoned once a consultant's report concluded it could  increase flooding for properties along Shoal Creek. The outcome would be providing flood relief to one area while increasing the chances for flooding in another. 

Come to December's ANA Executive Committee meeting at 6:30 on December 17, to get the details and ask questions.