fern The next Northwest Park Clean Up day will be this coming Saturday (11/28 at 9am).  So if you are in town and are looking to work off a little of that Thanksgiving meal, meet us at the North edge of the pond at 9am.  Here is the updated schedule for our clean up efforts:
A1.  DONE: Nov 21, 2009 – mtg and pond trash cleanup; rockwall vine trimming
A2.  Nov 28, 2009 – overview mtg, general cleanup, painting, cattail thinning; rockwall vine trimming

B.  Mar  6, 2010 – Annual PARD It’s My Park Day (multiple efforts in various areas of the park)
C.  May 22, 2010 – prep park for pool opening
D.  Aug 21, 2010 – painting and general clean up
E.  Nov 20, 2010 – pond clean up

Have a great week and we hope to see you next Saturday!

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