There has been a spike in residential burglaries in the Baker3 district area. The effected neighborhoods are as follows: North Shoal Creek Neighborhood, Allandale Neighborhood, Wooten Neighborhood, Crestview Neighborhood, and Highland Neighborhood

Methods of break-in consist of breaking out rear windows, kicking in front or rear doors, prying open doors or making entry through windows and doors which were left unlocked. In the past month from October 28th thru November 23rd there have been at least 23 residential burglaries in these neighborhoods combined. 

The police department’s command is well aware of this serious problem and is currently working on solutions to ending this crime spree. Yet, we need the help of the residents to bring these burglaries to an end. The residents need to be VERY ALERT and report ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time (Examples are suspicious person on foot, strange vehicles driving around the area or parked in your neighbor’s driveways). If these circumstances are observed then 911 needs to be called immediately so that officers can respond and investigate. 

The large majority of these home burglaries are occurring during the daytime while residents are at work or otherwise out of their homes. Suspects appear to be keeping visuals on homes and watch for residents to leave before they strike. If your home is equipped with a monitored alarm system, then it needs to be used and armed once you leave your home no matter how short of a trip out you may be taking. Make sure ALL windows, doors, garage doors and sliding glass doors are locked and all locks are engaged. Leave lights on during the night and insure there is adequate lighting around the perimeter of your home.  

We need the community’s help to put an end to this problem. Officers are patrolling these areas but, there are many more residents with eyes in the area than there are officers on patrol. Be vigilant and watch your neighborhoods and watch out for one another. Get to know your neighbors and exchange contact information, communicate with each other. Let’s put the fear back into the criminals and let them know that your neighborhood is no longer safe for crooks. Common items stolen are flat screen televisions, laptop computers, video gaming consoles, jewelry. In one instance a handgun was stolen. Secure all your weapons in a LOCKED SAFE. 

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