ANA Executive Committee 
6:30 pm, October 22, 2009 
Hang Town Grill 
DRAFT of Minutes

Present: President-Donna Beth McCormick, Vice-President – Peggy Maceo, Paulette Kern, George Roman, Cynthia Keohane, Jason Kloc, Dan Diener, Laura DiCarlo. Absent: Mary Jean Matus – Secretary, Diane Swinney – Treasurer, Mat Thompson

The meeting was called to order by President McCormick at 6:40 pm. In the absence of the Secretary, Vice-President Maceo recorded the minutes.

The agenda was approved with motion made by Dan Diener, seconded by Paulette Kern. Carried.

Minutes from August 27, 2009 meeting were approved with Laura DiCarlo making the motion, seconded by Peggy Maceo.

Treasurer Report  given by the President:  
Deposit Accounts:  $16,103.89
Business:  $7,559.41
Business Savings:  $6,534.28
CD 12-17 months:  $2,000.00

President's Report : Donna Beth reported a busy month since she took office:  went to Paulette’s meeting on zoning at Hang Town where we have new subcommittee chairs; helped host a NNO party; met with Steven Zettner on Allandale priorities for his vision of sustainable neighborhoods. Advised him on two-three priorities with more neighborhood feedback; attended the comprehensive plan open house put on by the City of Austin; met with Glen Taffinder and Stephanie Lott on the flooding project and when it will get going along Bull Creek Rd; met with Linnea’s group on the Great Northern project; attended Cynthia’s sector meeting; attended Laura’s meeting on Krimelabb presentation. And this does not include emails and phone calls.

Storm Drain Project: we have a request from the City to use NW Rec as a staging area.  NW Rec will be closed for renovation.  As long as NW Rec is closed, ANA will support the use as a staging area. If NW Rec is reopened before the storm drain project is finished, there must be a contingency plan.  Motion was made by Cynthia Keohane, seconded by Jason Kloc.  Carried.  A full set of the current planning documents will be requested so that ANA can review them and submit questions to the City. The project directors will be invited to the Dec. Executive Committee meeting.

Committee Reports: 
Safety: Laura reported there were 30 NNO parties and 86 pounds of food was collected for the Food Bank. She gave a spot crime report, we have 50 block captains that get many calls, and the Krimelabb presentation is available for other presentations.

Membership:  Dan and his committee is an ongoing project and is working with Joe and Diane to get the database current. There continues to be questions as to how public we should be with the membership list.

Beautification:  Linnea’s title has been simply Beautification Chair, but in order to cover all that she does do and to have the influence with the City that she needs for her vast projects, her title is changed to: Parks and Greenspace Coordinator. The Great Northern Dam/Park/Retention Pond is almost finished. We have been the recipient of a great many amenities in the project. It is a one of a kind in the City.  We will celebrate with a January ribbon cutting.  Max Moore, a valuable asset in the department, has retired and Linnea will draft a letter from ANA.  Calendar:  Nov. 21 will be a quarterly cleanup day in NW Park. The first Saturday in May will be the neighborhood garage sale.

Zoning:  Paulette and Allan reported on the many challenges and projects we have in the neighborhood. 5 active resubs with some being up for a hearing on Nov. 3. Resubs are the biggest threat to Allandale. Every developer loves us.  Allan has been on the flag lot task force which just ended and reported on the many questions that were raised with City staff on the safety, fire, EMS, feasibility of such lots.

ANC:  Cynthia attended a meeting on the selection of a City Auditor.  Some of the actions by City Boards are subject for auditing because of the justification they are using to approve zoning, variances, etc. There will be lawsuits.  Deed restrictions continue to be ignored by the City eventhough they are state law. The City needs to follow state law and we may need to address this.  ANA might consider a resolution on flag lots. 

Announcements:  Sarah Pierce will have another concert in the park Dec. 6, Sunday.  Plans are underway for ANA to help and sponsor. Tom and Joe are coordinating with Sarah and Meril and need help to promote this.

HEB has been invited for the next Executive Committee meeting to discuss their expansion. Nov. 19, Thursday, 6:30 pm, Covenant Hall, Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Adjourn: 8:25 pm.  Motion by Peggy, seconded by Dan.

Respectfully submitted,
Peggy Maceo