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Notes From 11/17/09 Sustainable Neighborhoods Meeting with Chris Riley

Tom Linehan

Form-based zoning applied to Airport Boulevard was the proposal Council Member Chris Riley put forth to the group of approximately 17 people that gathered at November's Sustainable Neighborhood's (SN) meeting held Tuesday night, November 17 at the Christian Village Apartments Activity Room on Rockwood.  Sound like some kind of new urbanism concept? Well, it is. Form-based zoning as described to the group by Riley, relies on images and drawings to show the physical shape and proximity of buildings and open spaces rather than on building uses. Why Airport Boulevard? Most people agree it needs attention. Rather than trying to apply this new approach to zoning citywide, Council member Riley would like the city to explore the application of this approach to zoning to a manageable area. So far, no one is objecting to making Airport Boulevard the guinea pig, including the neighbors and current business owners he has talked to. There is a lot to be worked out with this urban experiment but Council Member Riley has already presented the concept to many of his peers on the Council and plans to put forth a resolution soon the City Council.  

A Good Day for a Bike Tour

It was a perfect morning for a bike ride. Eight of us went on the Allandale Bike Tour on Thanksgiving morning. Pictured in the photo are Alexandra Linehan, Ramona Nye, Patty Gallagher, Tom Linehan, Malcolm St. Romain, Tom Helms, and Kim Meyer – all Allandale...

Crime Activity in the Area

There has been a spike in residential burglaries in the Baker3 district area. The effected neighborhoods are as follows: North Shoal Creek Neighborhood, Allandale Neighborhood, Wooten Neighborhood, Crestview Neighborhood, and Highland Neighborhood

Methods of break-in consist of breaking out rear windows, kicking in front or rear doors, prying open doors or making entry through windows and doors which were left unlocked. In the past month from October 28th thru November 23rd there have been at least 23 residential burglaries in these neighborhoods combined. 

Allandale Bike Tour – Thanksgiving Morning

For those of you not participating in the Thunderclouds Sub Turkey Trot, I am leading a bike tour of Allandale on Thanksgiving morning at 9:15. The tour is a little under 11 miles and will take about 1 1/2 hours. Seeing the neighborhood by bike is a great way to...

Safe Routes Strategic Planning Meeting – December 2

Wed., December 2
6 PM – 7 PM
Lamar Middle School Cafeteria

On November 16, Lamar Middle School PTA hosted a meeting focusing on Safe Routes to School with a panel consisting of Allandale Neighborhood Association President Donna Beth McCormick, Lamar Principal Eleanor Duncan, Lamar parent Mary Jean Matus and Steven Zettner from Sustainable Neighborhoods. Many issues were discussed concerning students crossing the streets and traffic around Lamar Middle School. There was considerable discussion regarding pedestrians and cars in front of the school and some steps were identified that we can take immediately to help alleviate some of the issues.

ANA EC Meeting Tonight

The ANA Executive Committee will meet Thursday night, Nov. 19, 6:30 pm, Covenant Hall, 2nd Floor conference room, Covenant Presbyterian Church.  Here is the agenda.  Allandale residents are welcome and if you are not a member, you can join then.Call to...