NC Austin Projects Map – This map shows a vision for pedestrian-friendly improvements throughout North Central Austin.  The scope of the proposed projects is warranted by the scope of recent zoning changes. City demographers expect a population growth rate, concentrated mainly along streets like Burnet, Anderson, Lamar and Airport, of 1.7% a year, leading to a 65% increase in area population over 30 years. Both transit plazas and pocket parks should be located close to the center of walkable districts, the best examples being at Burnet-Anderson and Burnet-North Loop.  Other locations are not ideal but have been zoned for mixed use and still need to be supported.  An example of a positive long-term opportunity is a green trail running along Arroyo Seco from Brentwood Elementary, under 2222, to a MetroRapid station at Burnet and North Loop, and from there to a pocket park located to the rear of Yarborough Library.  Such a feature would be compelling to the many seniors living at North Loop, a few bus stops away from Seton Hospital.