NC Austin Projects Map LamarMS1 LamarMS2 Midtown Trail 1Midtown Trail 2Anderson Trail Project Concept Map Sustainable Neighborhoods of North Central Austin ( has submitted a number of ideas for outdoor amenities to the Allandale Neighborhood Association for consideration and possible recommendation to the City. These projects would improve the safety and access of pedestrians and bicyclists to nearby destinations.  The projects are intended to improve quality of life, and to offer alternative ways to get places that don’t add cars to area streets.

Neighbors can provide feedback on the projects at the Allandale Neighborhood Association executive committee meeting on October 22, or as comments to this article. Additional projects can also be proposed.  If you suggest new projects, please define the project as a need.  We can certainly offer ideas on how to solve the need, but any concrete solution will require detailed analysis from City engineers.  

The Allandale Neighborhood Association Executive Committee at its meeting on Thursday October 22 will make revisions to the project list, and decide whether to endorse the list.

Similar projects are being defined for the Brentwood, Crestview, Highland, North Shoal Creek and Wooten neighborhood associations.  SN and representatives of the neighborhood associations will present the combined list to City staff in November for consideration as Capital Improvement Projects to be funded in an upcoming bond package.  SN and the neighborhoods will push for the projects as part of the Comprehensive Planning Process, and will also be pushing for reform of zoning ordinances so that developers contribute public open space as well. Please review each of the proposed projects by clicking on an image above and leaving a comment for that respective project. You can leave a general comment about all of them by clicking on the comment link below. Your input will help guide the ANA Executive Committee. 

Steven Zettner [Email address: %20szettner #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Mid-Town Trail



1)     No
park for Allandale residents south of 2222.

2)     Safety
issues for children walking to NW Rec Center

3)     Safety
issues for children walking to Gullett

4)     Safety
concerns for walkers, bikers crossing 2222 at Shoal Creek Blvd.

path, amenities to existing parkland on Shoal Creek Blvd south of

shaded sidewalks near NW Rec Center on both sides of 2222

pedestrian crossing to NW Rec Center across 2222

lane under 2222.

lane from Gullett to NW Rec Center using Great Northern ROW.

Park bike path improvements, especially around turtle pond, down
hill from Vine St

Anderson Urban Trail



1)    Can’t
walk or bike to numerous destinations along Anderson Ln.

2)    High
risk that apartments will be built along Anderson, but future
residents will have to drive everywhere

improved bike and pedestrian connectivity throughout Anderson Ln
district, with shaded sidewalk or bike lane access to library,
grocery stores, fitness centers, ice rink, restaurants.

areas along creeks to provide trails, pocket parks, outdoor

Pocket Parks and transit plazas on Burnet and



1)    Numerous
areas zoned for apartments that have no outdoor space to support
community, child play, or to encourage walking to transit or
nearby destinations.


for a pocket park at any of the following locations: Anderson
near Shoal Creek, Anderson at Burnet, Burnet near Cullen, the
Farmer’s Market on Burnet, 6400 Burnet, or Burnet at North Loop.

for a transit plaza at any of the following intersections:
Anderson-Burnet, Burnet near Farmer’s Market, Burnet-2222,
Burnet-North Loop.

must contribute in order for the City to contribute.

parks should be highly visible, near transit, with things to do
for people of all ages, and with viable maintenance plan

plaza should provide safe, shaded pedestrian/bike access from
transit to nearby destinations.

Pedestrian Safety Improvements on Burnet,



  1. Unsafe,
    uninviting walking/biking environment near Lamar Middle School,
    HEB grocery store, other destinations along Burnet, Anderson.

  2. Risk
    of more traffic from new residents, even to nearby destinations
    that should be walkable.

  3. City of Austin is required by law to provide ADA compliance to
public facilities.

shaded sidewalks on Burnet and Anderson, especially near transit
and near major destinations.

2222 and Burnet, and at White Horse Trail and Burnet, implement
short-term improvements (better visibility, shade), and long-term
improvements (dedicated turn-lane, shaded pedestrian islands in
the intersection, deeper sidewalks.)

along Nasco, White Horse Trail to Lamar MS. Replace Yield sign
with Stop sign at WHT and Wynona.