AllandaleSafetyPresentation_Jack Krimelabb presentation that was Sat. 10/17 at 2pm at North Village library

It was so beautiful on Saturday and the UT game wasn't over by 2pm that we were lucky we got a few people at the Krimelabb presentation.

Jack Darby presented to a small but enthusiastic crowd of 5 (and 4 neighborhood associations were represented – Highland, NShoalCreek, Wooten and Allandale). It was very worthwhile learning about how Jack uses data from APD and synthesizes it in He does not send out e-mails like Spotcrime, but we can go to the site and look up crime information from all over Austin since 2007. The site gives specific addresses (unless it's a rape case) and case numbers, as well as has some mug shots and data to show who has been arrested the most and why in any given area. The site is a good complement to spotcrime and the City of Austin's Crimeviewer.

Jack Darby will be doing another free krimelabb power-user presentation at North Village at 1pm on Nov. 21st and I encourage especially the block captains to attend.

Laura DiCarlo
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