Krimelabb logo I want to let everyone know about a presentation the ANA Safety Committee is hosting at North Village Branch library on Saturday, October 17th at 2pm. Jack Darby will be showing us how to use krimelabb as a tool to deter crime. This free presentation takes about 30 minutes and will address

how to obtain the following info:
-Crime instances for a zip for a given month
-Crime instances in proximity to an address for a given month
-Crime instances by offense for a given month
-People who have been arrested the most in a zip code
-Addresses with the most crime instances in a zip code
-People who have been arrested the most near an address  

Jack has most recently presented at the Montopolis Neighborhood Association and West Austin Neighborhood group's Crime and Safety Seminar, and you can follow krimelab on Twitter. 

As always, call or e-mail me to set up a block captain training.

Laura DiCarlo
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