Anderson Trail Project Concept Map – This map shows a proposed pedestrian “backbone” for the Anderson Ln mixed use district. Proposed changes for the Allandale side are relatively modest in the short-term, with some extra shading along existing sidewalks and bike lanes on Foster Ln.  The City is intending to move its bus terminal on Northcross Drive north closer to Anderson, so sidewalks in this area will be required in any event.  SN proposes that shaded sidewalks be extended to the far side of Anderson, connecting to a cleaned-up green trail running along an existing creek that would improve pedestrian and bike connectivity to the new public library on Steck. At least one engineer has proposed burying the creek here to allow for a small pocket park. Neighbors in North Shoal Creek are being consulted regarding this plan.  Longer-term, the area along Shoal Creek close to Anderson Ln should be a green zone tying the entire district together for pedestrians.