Officer Gentry, 5700-5800 Wynona & Shoalwood NNO NNO gathering on Wynona – 5700-5800 Wynona and Shoalwood combined – we had at least 30 people there. The photo is of Officer Gentry with some of the kids at the gathering.

Donna Beth McCormick

DSC01796 Dozens of Wilbur, Cavileer, White Horse Trail and Cary residents gathered at the home of Keith and Maureen Carter at 6405 Wilbur Dr. for our NNO party. We were visited by Officer Shelly Borton, who is pictured here with Wilbur resident State Representative Elliott Naishtat. 

Laura DiCarlo

Snapshot 2009-10-07 22-19-30 small Greenlawn had a good time – Fire and Police stopped by!

Carolyn Moore