The next State Board of Education forum is on Saturday, October 3, from 11:45am-1:15pm at the Yarborough branch library, here in Allandale (2200 Hancock Drive).

The SBOE has 15 districts, and we’ve invited the expected major party candidates, Republicans and Democrats, from that district which includes all of Allandale, and adjacent neighborhoods.  Candidates will file in December of this year, with the primaries to be in March, and the election in November, of 2010.

At this point in time, it seems clear that two Republicans and two Democrats will run.  All have been asked to participate.  The two Democrats, Dr. Lorenzo Sadun, and Dr. Judy Jennings, have confirmed that they will participate.  Republican incumbent, Mrs. Cynthia Dunbar, has been invited, but is not yet committed.  The other Republican has declined, citing a schedule conflict, but may send a representative.  A flyer with biographies provided by Mrs. Dunbar, Mrs. Jennings, and Mr. Sadun, is attached.

Also attached, is a one page fact sheet on the State Board of Education, which I wrote, and which has been vetted with three members of that board.  One short email response was:  “Good job.  This is correct.”  The fact sheet describes powers, elections, etc. on the SBOE.  It, like our biographical sheet, and all our forums, is non-partisan, although to get elected, would be members must run in party primaries.

Please publicize this as you can, with everyone.  The SBOE is important, and these forums help provide for an informed citizenry.  The format will include short presentations from the candidates, then questions, at large, from the audience.  The room holds 70 people, and we have yet to get over 50 in attendance. After the forum, many of us will go out to eat, “Dutch”, at the Hangtown grill to continue the conversation.

For any questions, contact me.

–John Keohane
keohane [Email address: keohane #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
(512) 371-3853