Nno2009Just a reminder that National Night Out (NNO) this year is October 6, 2009 from 6:00 to 8:00. In the past NNO was in August. Changing to October is as a test to see whether there will be greater participation in cooler weather. Las year, there were over 20 NNO gatherings in Allandale that officially registered with APD through Laura DiCarlo, Allandale's Neighborhood Safety Coordinator. There were a number of other NNO parties that night that didn't  register but who hosted a gathering. The objectives of NNO are:

    * Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness.

    * Generate support and participation in crime efforts.

    * Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police community relations.

    * Send the message that your neighborhood is a safe place to live.

Block Captains around the neighborhood have already registered their block party with the program to be counted as an official block party however if your block captain has not registered, don't let that stop your block from participating.  Start by contacting your block captain, and if you don't have a block captain, contact Laura DiCarlo (323-6929 or lhdicarlo [Email address: lhdicarlo #AT# yahoo.com - replace #AT# with @ ]) to become a block captain. For more information, go to www.cityofaustin.org/police/nno.htm