We ARE Lamar! 

There has been justifiable concern expressed by parents over the news that Lamar received an unacceptable rating from TEA based on last year’s test scores. But you need to understand that the unacceptable rating is based on one cell falling below the acceptable level. Attached is a document that will show exactly where we were ranked unacceptable. If you look at the category for All Students, Lamar was Exemplary in Reading and Social Studies and Recognized in Writing and Math. We were almost at a recognized level for Science with 73% of All Students passing , 55% was acceptable. But we had one cell that ranked below the acceptable rating, which is all it takes to give the entire school an unacceptable rating. If you look at these overall scores you get a much different picture of how Lamar is doing. Students at Lamar are obviously learning and growing and we have an excellent teaching staff!

ALSO …There has been a lot of good activity taking place to make the Lamar Middle School climate one of acceptance of each other and responsible behavior by all, as we strive to provide the best learning environment for all of our students.

Over the summer the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) team has worked very hard putting together expectations for students and staff, to ensure Lamar is providing a safe environment for all students. Three wonderful district coaches have been helping the team all summer and will be with us all year. They are Carla Roberson, who is providing us assistance with school-wide issues, Jane Ross, will be working with teachers who need classroom assistance, and Mr. Noah Diggs, has been our coach involving student related issues.

WE ARE LAMAR has been adopted as our school theme. The team has set up expectations for the cafeteria, assemblies, courtyard, arrival and departure, hallways, restrooms, etc. All faculty and staff have been trained on the new expectations and in turn will teach them to the students. These expectations will be taught to students beginning day one. Advisory activities have been designed for the first two months of school which will also reinforce expectations set up through PBS, as well as include lessons on Character Education, Bullying, no place for hate, Safeplace, and CATCH, just to mention a few. The duty schedule has been redone and areas to be supervised before, during, and after school have been identified based on a needs assessment of the campus.

Parents, we need your support to make these new changes work. Go over the dress code with your student, explain and set expectations on cell phone usage at school. When staff has to spend time calling students in for inappropriate dress or usage of cell phones, it takes away learning time for that student as well as interrupting the learning time for others. Help us make Lamar an Exemplary school next year!

Eleanor Duncan
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Lamar Middle School
2009 Campus Accountability Ratings w/TPM

Reading/ELA(70% / 75% / 90%)
All Students 95% Exemplary
African Amer 93% Exemplary
Hispanic 92% Exemplary
White 99% Exemplary
Econ. Disadv 92% Exemplary

Writing (70% / 75% / 90%)
All Students 88% Recognized
African Amer 93% (Cell less that 30 students)
Hispanic 82% Recognized
White 92% Exemplary
Econ. Disadv 83% Recognized

Social Studies (70% / 75% / 90%)
All Students 98% Exemplary
African Amer 96% (Cell less that 30 students)
Hispanic 96% Exemplary
White 100% Exemplary
Econ. Disadv 97% Exemplary

Math (55% / 75% / 90%)
All Students 84% Recognized
African Amer 74% Academically Acceptable
Hispanic 78% Recognized
White 92% Exemplary
Econ. Disadv 75% Recognized

Science (50% / 75% / 90%)
All Students 73% Academically Acceptable
African Amer 43% Academically Unacceptable
Hispanic 59% Academically Acceptable
White 91% Exemplary
Econ. Disadv 55% Academically Acceptable

An Academically Unacceptable rating in one or more cells gives a campus the rating of Academically Unacceptable