I would like to inform the residents within the Baker 3 district neighborhoods that I have been researching the crime trends in district 3. I was recently assigned to the Central West District Representatives unit on June 22nd, 2009. Since this time I have taken a close look at the various crime trends in district 3. One in particular I have found is the burglary of residences, which have been occurring at an alarming rate. There is no particular time or day on which the burglaries have been occurring. They are sporadic, ranging from early morning, days and nights. Many of these burglaries involve either a rear door being kicked in or a rear window being smashed out. On some incidents the residents have been home during the burglary but, were sleeping. 

I also noticed, from reading the incident reports, that an alarming number of these burglaries occurred simply because the resident left a window or a door unlocked into their home. In some cases there were neighbors who actually observed the burglary suspect/suspects at the scene of the victim residence but, only thought of the situation as being suspicious at the time and never called police to check it out. Only after the homeowner reported that their residence had been burglarized did a neighbor come forward and explain that they had seen suspicious activity at the victim residence prior to it being reported. The police should have been called at the time the suspicious activity was observed. 

I’m am sending this information out in order for the neighborhood residents to begin taking more precautions in securing their homes and to tell you that if you observe any activity which seems to be suspicious, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, call 911 immediately so that officers can investigate. Better to be safe and report it rather than ignore it and have it be something that probably could have been prevented. Don’t leave curtains and windows open where prying eyes can easily look into your home and see what valuable belongings you have ready to be stolen. When you leave your home lock everything…..doors, windows, garage overhead doors and those doors which lead from the garage into your home. If you have home alarm systems please use them both when not at home and even when you are home, especially at night when you go to bed. Use your home alarm systems always! Don’t open the door to solicitors. You can simply tell them, through the door, you’re not interested and that you want them to leave your property. The first line of defense to preventing or lowering your odds of becoming a victim of a crime begins with you. Be aware of your surroundings, take security precautions and report ALL suspicious activity to the police by calling 911.   





SEPTEMBER 15, 2009



Have an outstanding day!


Senior Police Officer

Rolando Gutierrez Jr. #4404

Central West District Representatives/District 3

Office (512) 974-5998