Allandale Neighborhood Association 

Bylaws Revision 

September 2009


Attached are the proposed revised bylaws. These are the results of two and a half years of work by volunteers on the Bylaws Committee, including Kay Newell, Dan Jones, Cynthia Keohane, George Roman, Joe Reynolds, Duncan Fox, and others. 

The revision was a reaction to several hastily made changes that were never properly recorded or ratified by the members. The committee discovered that the ‘baseline’ version of the bylaws was in question. A search was initiated for a definitive edition, but an old fax copy in a Phyllis Brinkley archive was the best that could be obtained. That was eventually published on the Allandale reporter web site. 

In addition to the difficulty finding ‘good’ bylaws, the committee found that the best version conflicted with state law and with the Articles of Incorporation. Complicating this was a change in Texas Law for non-profit corporations; the code was being revised and changes in law were being ‘phased-in’. The change in authority is finished in January 2010 and this version anticipates the new code. 

The committee contacted various of the ‘original incorporators’ to understand the discrepancies between the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Events are far enough in the past that memories have faded, but it became clear that this is the first attempt to reconcile the Bylaws with the Articles or with Texas Law. 

We are publishing the new bylaws on the Allandale Reporter web site and in the Public Notice section at the Yarbrough Library. We have included comments on significant items. 

This edition has been reviewed by the Executive Committee and both the EC and Bylaws Committee recommend adoption. Please come to the September 24th General Meeting to vote on these changes.