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For those wondering about the little angel image painted around the neighborhood like graffiti, here the flyer explaining it. I have included a photo of the image painted on the corner of my driveway to the right. Click here to read the letter that accompanied...
Do Not Steal the Turtles!

Do Not Steal the Turtles!

I posted the following from Linnea regarding removing turtles from Northwest Park back in May. There has been some recent discussion on the listserve about someone collecting turtles at the park over the weekend. Tom Linnea Lemon Several reports have drifted my way of...

Minutes from September 2009 ANA General Meeting

September ANA meeting

General Membership Meeting Minutes Allandale Neighborhood Association
24 September 2009

The regular General Membership meeting of the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA) was held on Thursday, September 24, 2009, at 6:30 pm at Covenant Presbyterian Church, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present*.  The minutes of the previous General Membership meeting (26 March 2009) were read and approved.

*Members Present:  Allan McMurtry, President; Joe Reynolds, Treasurer; Mary Jean Matus, Secretary; Donna Beth McCormick, Vice President; Paulette Kern; Peggy Maceo; Dan Diener, Diane Swinney; Laura DiCarlo; Mat Thompson; George Roman; Cynthia Keohane.

I.    Welcome

Fred Clement, Director of Administration Covenant Presbyterian, welcomed the ANA to Covenant Presbyterian, and invited anyone interested to a tour of their new facility after the meeting.

II.    Treasurer’s Report

Joe Reynolds gave the Treasurer’s report:

Current Balance$16,281.06Business$7,747.60Savings$6,534.00CD (12-17 mos)$2,000.00Net inflows/outflows 1/1/09 – 9/23/09:  $ – 1,467.16.

Joe presented a draft annual budget to be presented to the Executive Committee (EC) at the next EC meeting for their consideration/approval.

Web site redesign

I have just completed a redesign of this web site. In addition to the new layout, I have added a calendar, created a few more categories, activated a commenting feature, and added links to the Allandale Yahoo database. Your feedback is welcomed (leave a comment). My...