Gullett received a rating of Exemplary, McCallum High School was rated Academically Acceptable, and Lamar Middle School was rated Academically Unacceptable in Texas Education Agency's annual rating of Texas schools released on Friday, July 31. Lamar was one of five middle schools that received the unacceptable rating. The others were Garcia, Martin, Mendez, and Pierce. Last year Lamar received a rating of Academically Acceptable. Gullett was one of 23 elementary schools in AISD to receive the exemplary rating.  

According to AISD's Chief Schools Officer Paul Cruz, as reported in Saturday's Austin American-Statesman, "Education Commissioner: Austin could do better," by Laura Heinauer, middle schools were held to a stricter standard than the other grade levels. "In a written statement, Chief Schools Officer Paul Cruz said that a new standard that counts as passing students who fail the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills if they are on track to pass in the future, was not applied to middle school students struggling to pass science or writing." 

The ratings were based on results from the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills which covers Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Lamar failed meeting the required standard in Science. Here is a link to TEA's accountability ratings for AISD. Here are links to the individual school's reports: Gullett ElementaryLamar Middle School, and McCallum High School.