My name is Marcus Cooper, Public Information Officer with the Texas Department of Transportation's Austin District.   I wanted to make you aware of a series of asphalt paving operations that will be taking place along the frontage road of MoPAC over the next few weeks.   We felt it important to contact your neighborhood association to inform your homeowners of what is about to happen.   Please feel free to forward this information to  your homeowners to let them know what TxDOT is doing.

First of all, we are beginning an eight week project to remove the old asphalt and repave the access roads adjacent to MoPAC beginning in the south near Town Lake and moving north.  We started our repaving project in late August and expect to  finish by the last week of October, weather permitting.   Each week, we will remove the asphalt from a designated section of the access road and some ramps.   The road will remain bare for about four days until a paving crew comes back and paves the road.  Folks living along Mopac can expect some access roads to be stripped of asphalt, but it will only be four  days until they are repaved with new asphalt.

Our crews will work at night during this project.   They will begin on Sundays and work each night through Thursday from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00  a.m..   This time frame was chosen to avoid causing traffic snarls, especially during the morning commute.   Unfortunately, this may generate some noise in the neighborhoods along MoPAC at night.   We will do our best to minimize the noise in the early morning hours and the time that we spend on the road.   You will also see message boards posted along MoPAC telling you which upcoming lanes or exits will be diverted.   We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this will cause Mopac homeowners.  This project will bring new road surfaces to your neighborhood that will last several more years.    We hope that will be worth the effort.

If you or any of your neighborhood association members have any questions, please call TxDOT Project Engineer Lloyd Chance.   Mr. Chance can be reached at 512-997-2208.    I will also attempt to send you updates at this email address as they become available.

Again, Thank you for your help.

Texas Department of Transportation
Office of Public Affairs
Austin District