Future home of Wal-Mart small The Allandale Neighborhood Executive Committee voted at its July Executive Committee meeting to settle the Wal-Mart lawsuit. The vote was unanimous. This week, Allan McMurtry, President of the Allandale Neighborhood Association, signed the settlement.

The lawsuit between the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA) and RG4N against Lincoln Properties, the developer of the Northcross site, is over. It has been a three-year battle. The lawsuits have taken a heavy toll on all involved: the city, the neighborhood association, RG4N, and Lincoln Properties. ANA is still making payments on its legal bill. According to ANA's Treasurer, Joe Reynolds, at the July meeting, ANA's legal balance is $35,000, which it plans to retire over time through fundraisers.

Lincoln Properties announced Wal-Mart's plans for a 219,000 sf Supercenter back in June 2006. Today, there is still no Wal-Mart on the site but construction will get underway soon on a much smaller store (97,915 sf). The original store included a 2-story store and multi-level parking lot. According to Trey Salinas, spokesperson for Wal-Mart in Austin, the design of the store now planned for the site is very different. It will be "the first of its kind in Texas." Click here to view a copy of the settlement.