The Texas Department of Public Safety is urging Texas residents to make
sure that any alarm salesperson, company or alarm installer that they
hire is licensed by the Private Security Bureau.

The Private Security Bureau has initiated investigations in Houston, San
Antonio, Dallas and Austin following reports that numerous unlicensed
salespersons, installers and companies have been aggressively marketing
their services to residents in those cities-primarily going door to door
in neighborhoods. DPS is working with the alarm industry trade
associations to investigate these claims, which generally increase in
the summertime.

"If someone offering alarm-related services shows up at your door
unsolicited, ask them for their DPS Private Security pocket card, which
will also have their picture," said Capt. RenEarl Bowie of the DPS
Private Security Bureau. "Do not accept any other form of identification
as proof you are dealing with a licensed salesperson or installer."

Alarm companies and installers must be licensed to operate legally in
the state of Texas. The licensing process includes a criminal background
check to help ensure the safety of the public.

To check whether a salesperson or installer is licensed in Texas, please
visit the following website:

To check whether an alarm company is licensed in Texas, please visit the
following website:

"Beware of aggressive tactics; someone trying to push you into a
decision immediately," said Bowie.  "We also have numerous complaints of
substandard work and broken promises in these situations."