City council election results The following is from a post to the Austin Neighborhood Council Listserve from Jody Zemel, BCNA, Neighborhood Advisor:

From Ryan Robinson, City Demographer:

I've created two maps showing voter turnout from the recent City Council election of May 09, 2009.  If you're interested, please take a look when you get the chance.  Thanks.

Voter Turnout as a Percentage of Registered Voters by Precinct

Nothing too new here, the traditional turnout leading neighborhoods of greater Tarrytown, Highland Park and Allendale are all prominent.  What is new however is the strong (at least for Austin) voter turnout coming from the brand-new-to-the-City area of Anderson Mill.  Three of the five newly annexed precincts mark their presence among the second-tier of precincts and on par with the likes of Rosedale, Zilker and Northwest Hills.

But the spatial pattern of percent turnout can often be a little deceiving because it's the total number of ballots cast that really matters, and so, please see the following map.

Total Votes by Precinct

Nothing too new here either, evident is the continued domination of the western crescent of high-performing precincts that stretches from Circle C at the southwestern corner of the City, through  Barton Hills, Zilker and Tarrytown; atavistically through OWANA, Pemberton and Hyde Park; inclusive

of Brentwood, Crestview;  then across Allendale, Northwest Hills and finally Spicewood to Tobyghanistan.  Do note the big boxes of Onion Creek, Travis Heights, Cherrywood and emergent Mueller

Jody Zemel, BCNA, Neighborhood Advisor