P5010025 P5010005 P5010023 I can't tell if Saturday's Super Sale in Allandale was a success from a seller's perspective but as a garage sale hopper it was great! There were so many sales going on in the neighborhood you could probably have walked to 10 of them from anywhere in the neighborhood.

Linnea Lemon and the Allandale Neighborhood Association did a great job of getting the word out about the Super Sale. Joe Reynolds had the garage sale signs printed up and he and Linnea and her husband Dave posted them around the neighborhood the night before. Linnea also put an ad in the Austin American-Statesman and one on Craigslist. There were 56 garage sales in Allandale on Saturday, up from 35 last year.

My wife and I started Saturday morning south of Hancock around 8:30. The event was actually scheduled to start at 9:00 but like most garage sale hounds, we took a chance garage doors would be opening sooner. Between 8:30 and noon on Saturday, we visited about 15 garage sales. Half the fun was meeting the people holding the garage sale. What follows are some of the items we found. 


Here's a bike built for two that we encountered early on at a garage sale south of Hancock on Strass. As a bike lover, I must say I was tempted.


We came across a number of these along the way.


This probably falls under the category of most unusual items for the day. We found it at a garage sale on Shoal Creek West. It's a stroller built for four. As you can see, it works for stuffed animals as well.


This lovely set of bowls from I'm guessing the 1960s was at a garage sale on Shoalwood. I'm betting it probably didn't sell. 


This guy is holding a page from a book he just sold. This was at multi-family garage sale on Albata. I guess the buyer didn't have enough money to buy the whole thing. Actually, he discovered the missing page after the book was bought and the buyer had left.


People will try to sell anything. Here are some coke cans we found at a garage sale on Shoal Creek. Actually, they are commemorative cans. On the back they have an image of an event like Dallas Cowboys championship or a famous Longhorns game.


I almost bought this picture of school letting out we found at a garage sale on Woodview. My wife helped me resist the temptation.


I did end up buying these mud flaps for my truck that I found at a garage sale on Shoal Creek. They cost me $5.