Cover0409 The feature article in this issue of the "Allandale Neighbor" – being delivered to Allandale homes this week – is the 1981 Memorial day flood. Those who were in the neighborhood when it happened remember it well.  "Remembering the Flood," an article written by Allan McMurtry, conveys the drama of the event, how it unfolded – including the day after, and the work that has taken place in the neighborhood as result. After reading Allan's article, follow it up by reading the firsthand accounts of the event published on this web site. We are grateful to everyone who contributed their stories and photos and news clippings for this look back at the flood. It is an important piece of the neighborhood's history and it explains much of the work that has taken place in the neighborhood over the years including the work that is underway at the Great Northern detention pond.

This issue of the Allandale Neighbor is not all about the Memorial Day flood. There has been a lot going on in the neighborhood lately including: "It's My Park Day", the tree planting at Northwest Park, and the Celebrate Allandale Picnic. If you were kicking yourself for not making to the "meet-the-candidate" forums held at one of the homes in the neighborhood, don't worry. The Allandale Neighor was there for two of them and took notes. You will find this and more in the April issue. As always, if you have not received the newsletter yet, you can read it here.