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canoesThank you to everyone that provided their empty milk jugs. They were used to move mulch around the trees – just ask Matt, Miss Mary, and Davis about that adventure. Thank you for helping!  The jugs were also perfect paint buckets for the group that was painting the railing at the Shoal Creek entrance to the pedestrian bridge. It is now a pretty green!

I have a couple of photos of the cliff by the pond. Thanks to people hanging off the side of the wall and the people in the lake collecting cut branches, you can now see the wall.  There was a group on the island trimming back the cattails and cutting down ligustrum – hopefully the island can one day be turned into a wonderful bird habitat, the herons already enjoy it.

dredgingOnce the mulch was spread this group moved to the pond.  We followed Malcolm’s lead and turned our attention to removing the dirt/grass that had grown over the limestone border which encircles the pond – you can see a picture of Malcolm and Clay doing just that in the photos above.  What you don’t see are pictures of Malcolm and Clay in the pond resetting a section of the limestone border that had fallen into the pond.  Once that was reset the kids got to pick up the dirt/grass that was cut away from other sections and THROW it into the area behind the reset wall to fill in that area – what a great time they had.  When do you get permission to throw grass and mud into water and make a big muddy splash 🙂  Well OK, I enjoyed it too.

family boatWe are going to have another pond work day in May – Malcolm’s plan is to finish uncovering the limestone all the way around the pond.  We hope you can join us in bringing the pond and the beds around the pool back to their glory!  And as an added bonus on Saturday, Linnea and Dave provided one and all with hot dogs to cap off a wonderful day!  A big Thank You to Linnea who heads up the Allandale Beautification Committee for getting It’s My Park Day up and running in Allandale, and a big Thank You to Malcolm for turning the focus towards NW Park!

olderFor those of you that missed this event the tree planting in NW Park is set for March 28!  We need as many people as possible to plant the trees.  Thanks to Linnea’s non-stop hard work the Austin Parks Foundation is paying to have a bubbler head system installed and the holes dug, so all we have to do is plant and mulch the trees.  The city is putting up a pole with a solar panel to power the bubbler heads for the trees.  A wonderful plan arranged by Linnea.

Then Linnea is planning a clean-sweep event on Great Northern, and Malcolm and Linnea are planning another pond work day in May.  Not to worry, I will send you notices of the events 🙂

Hope to see you next time – Kay