You may be greeted with the February Issue of Allandale Neighbor today whey you arrive home. Well if not today, then tomorrow, or maybe the day after. In this issue we include a number of articles about what is going on in the neighborhood and what's coming up plus an insert that we've called Allandale's Economic Stimulus Package. With it being a new administration and all, we figured it would take some time for the federal government's package to get to us here in Allandale so we've partnered with local merchants to kick start it. Use it.

Under the heading of "Know your Neighborhood," we have an article about Allandale Village. It is our neighborhood shopping center and one of the oldest suburban shopping centers in the city.

I'm posting it to this web site as well because there are links to a couple of old photos of the Village that I could not include and because we would like you to share some of your memories of the shopping center using the comments feature you find at the end of the story. It will become a part of our ongoing Allandale History project.

Speaking of the history project, in the next issue of Allandale Neighbor, we will have an article on the 1981 Memorial Day Flood. Allan McMurtry, President of ANA and longtime resident, sets the stage for the article in "ANA's President's Letter." We hope you will help us out with it. Other articlies of interest include information about the upcoming tree planting at Northwest Park, the Beautification Calendar, 2008 Allandale Crime stats, minutes from the recent ANA Executive Committee meeting, upcoming candidate forum, the latest from Gullett, photos, and more. Thanks to the newsletter committee for putting this together and to our advertisers who make the printing and distribution of the newsletter possible. As always,  you can click here to read Allandale Neighbor online.