DATE: March 28  April 10

Become a MetroRail Ambassador for a Station near you.

Have you ever thought, I sure would like to be appointed an Ambassador to some exotic locale …  Here is your chance! Become a MetroRail Ambassador at the nine exotic stations for the new passenger rail line.

For the first two weeks of service, you can serve as one of two Ambassadors at each station in the morning and in the evening.  Ambassadors must come to one training prior to serving and sign up for at least two 3.5 hour shifts during the two week period.  You will help people understand how to use the new train, distribute information, answer questions, and work with Capital Metro staff to solve problems.

In return, Ambassadors will receive a special issue MetroRail Diplomatic Pass (good for one month).  You can also insist that others address you as Mr. or Mrs. Ambassador.

To become a volunteer:
e-mail: %20MetroRail.Ambassadors [Email address: %20MetroRail.Ambassadors #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
call: 512 294 7446