1st place at mile 17
2nd place at mile 17
3rd place at mile 17
Allandale residents lined up along the street to catch the Austin marathon runners coming through the neighborhood Sunday morning. At around 8:40 the leaders started coming through the intersection of Shoal Creek and Northland heading north on Shoal Creek. They turned left on White Rock, went north on Great Northern and headed east down Foster. The above shows the runners coming down Foster at the intersectino of Foster and Shoal Creek which was mile 17 in the race. The first photo is the leader and ultimate winner, Jeremy Borling from Chicago. A little over a minute later (1: 08)  the next runner appears (photo 2). The man in third place at this point in the race is Gilbert Tuhabonye (local trainer – Gilbert's Gazelles). He ultimately goes on to take second place in the event. At 11:00 a.m., there were still runners coming through. It was a perfect morning for the event albeit a little windy for the runners as they headed north. Congratulations to all Allandale residents like Pamela LeBlanc who participated in and completed the event! Finishing a marathon is a major accomplishment.