Kay Newell

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Saturday was the Open House for Crestview Station.  It was amazing to see the station and the MetroRail train, what a wonderful addition to Central Austin.  Just think, you can get on MetroRail at the Crestview Station and be downtown in 18 minutes or you can be at Lakeline in 25 minutes!  The trains are equipped with Wi-Fi and bikes are allowed depending on space.  MetroRail will be in service weekday mornings between 5:40 and 9:40 am and weekday afternoons between 3:45 and 7:45 pm.  The trains are quiet so you may not hear them coming, remember as you are traveling around our neighborhoods to come to a stop before the tracks – not on them.  This is a great opportunity to take alternative transportation and leave your car behind. Click here to see photos.