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Support alternative forms of transportation in North Central Austin

Steven Zettner

Please, if you have a moment, send a quick email to before March 1 expressing support for the following projects that will help provide alternative forms of transportation in North Central Austin:

  • Burnet sidewalks – ADA-compliant sidewalks from Koenig to 183.
  • Rail with Trails – bike/ped trails along the city's Leander-downtown commuter rail line, would allow bicycles to get across town with a minimun of unsafe street crossings.
  • Bus/Rapid Transit N Lamar/S Congress
  • Bus/Rapid Transit Burnet/S Lamar
  • Bicycle Infrastructure Improvements (city-wide)
  • Bicycle, Shared Path, Connected Trails and Sidewalk Project (city-wide)

These are among the thousands of infrastructure projects being submitted for federal funding this year. Council Member Sheryl Cole estimated that only 20-30% of the projects from Austin will get funded. Demonstrating strong grass roots support can't hurt.

The February 2009 Issue of the Allandale Neighbor Is on its way

You may be greeted with the February Issue of Allandale Neighbor today whey you arrive home. Well if not today, then tomorrow, or maybe the day after. In this issue we include a number of articles about what is going on in the neighborhood and what's coming up plus an insert that we've called Allandale's Economic Stimulus Package. With it being a new administration and all, we figured it would take some time for the federal government's package to get to us here in Allandale so we've partnered with local merchants to kick start it. Use it.

Under the heading of "Know your Neighborhood," we have an article about Allandale Village. It is our neighborhood shopping center and one of the oldest suburban shopping centers in the city.

Become an Ambassador

DATE: March 28  April 10Become a MetroRail Ambassador for a Station near you.Have you ever thought, I sure would like to be appointed an Ambassador to some exotic locale …  Here is your chance! Become a MetroRail Ambassador at the nine exotic stations for...

Tour the new metrorail stations this saturday

This is an excellent opportunity for Allandale residents to "experience" the new Capital MetroRail stations.

Capital MetroRail Station Open Houses

Crestview Station – Saturday, Feb. 21
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
6920 North Lamar Blvd.
Bus routes: 1, 101, 300, 320, 350
Access St. Johns for limited parking at adjacent development